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Alternative Care

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Alternative Care Coverage For Pets

When it comes to protecting your pet's health, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers the whole kitty and ka-poodle, even including alternative care, like acupuncture and chiropractic. Treatments just need to be performed by a licensed veterinarian to help your dog or cat recover from an accident or illness.

Like us, our pets can also suffer from a variety of debilitating chronic, degenerative conditions. Fortunately, more and more veterinarians are taking a holistic approach to the treatment of illnesses, looking at all aspects of your pet's life, including diet and lifestyle, to find and effectively treat the root causes of their problem.

Why Choose Alternative Care for My Pet?
Alternative therapy may increase the rate of post-op recoveries and significantly help degenerative spine issues, neurologic disc problems, hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament injuries. Imagine how doubly lucky you'll feel when your pet makes stellar progress in their recovery from an illness or injury, and you've got Healthy Paws pet insurance to take a huge bite of the bill.

What Kinds of Alternative Care is Available for My Pet?

Acupuncture — The Chinese have been using this form of therapy for centuries. It involves using needles to stabilize energy flow within the meridian system to bring the body back into balance, helping it fight disease. Most commonly used to treat arthritis in pets, acupuncture may work for conditions ranging from neurological problems (such as seizures) to skin disorders, thyroid imbalances and heart conditions.

Chiropractic — Chiropractic therapy uses the body's own healing abilities and the relationship between the spine and the nervous system to restore and maintain good health. This kind of therapy is particularly helpful for dogs, who more-commonly suffer from joint degeneration, floating kneecaps, hip dysplasia, tail injuries and TMJ issues. It can help cats and dogs with urinary incontinence, injuries from slips and falls, neck and back pain and post-surgical healing.

Hydrotherapy — Unless your cat was a fish in another life, this form of treatment is for the dogs. Hydrotherapy is a carefully controlled, closely monitored course of swimming sessions in a specially designed heated pool. Hydrotherapy has been proven to provide significant and lasting benefits for pets with a wide range of conditions, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, cruciate and spinal injuries, fractures and neurological damage. Hydrotherapy also increases the chances of your pet's fast and compete recovery after surgery by relieving pain and reducing swelling and stiffness.

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